Law and Order

A short film about following the rules.

The film short Law and Order¬†was born in 1974 from writer Richard Stecz’s notion of the automatic reactions and the unthinking abiding of rules that people obey in a society that becomes more and more filled with rules. Suggesting that freedoms are not actual but imaginary is the likely conclusion when we witness the actions of a lone “driver” that abides these rules without an apparent reason or understanding.

Law and Order, while conceived and produced in 1974, was left incomplete and untouched for 35 years. The original 16mm film footage was then digitally scanned, edited and finished with a stereo soundtrack in 2009. It has since been distributed in digital versions for live audience screenings and internet streaming.

1 minute (alt)
ASPECT16:9 – 1.78:1
AUDIOAC3 stereo