Jeremy’s Window

Actors Linda Cooke as Mary and Garnett Smith as Jeremy in a William Stetz film, Jeremy’s Window.

Jeremy’s Window

Where do actors go to “play” out their final days — Palm Springs, California of course. Jeremy’s Window tells the story of a reunion, age and curtain calls that will be-no-more. Four character actors in their later years of life chat and ruse about their experiences, their hits, their misses and their attachment to each other. In this brief visit we see that they can still laugh, unafraid to point to the folly of their days or their current state of affairs until the focus becomes poignant and touching for Jeremy, the senior member of the pack.

The germ of inspiration for Jeremy’s Window grew out of stage performances where the film’s actors and director, also an actor, met. William Stetz directs Garnett Smith, Linda Cooke, Stan Jenson and Terry Huber in a not-too-old-before-their-time story of heroics and bombs, adventure and love, that portrays a picture of memories to last a lifetime for at least one of them.

Photographed in the scenic desert location of Palm Springs, California, the legendary playground of actors past and present, the film’s setting in a city park is background for the collection of stories told by this cast congregation. All takes place in a city where maybe now and/or later, old actors go to die.

Music by Philip Aaberg. Directed by William Stetz.

TOTAL RUN TIME18:17 min:sec
AUDIO5.1 surround

Director William Stetz follows the action on set while cinematographer Cameron Jutte lines up a shot for the final scene of Jeremy’s Window.
Photo by Kai Josephson

Director William Stetz on the set of Jeremy’s Window.